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Formalin Sheep Heart, Plain, Pail

Item # 228770

Sheep heart preserved in formalin with no color injection (plain). Shipped immersed in Carosafe® in a sealed pail. Prices listed are for 1 specimen.

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Dissecting sheep organs allows students to explore the physiological links between organ systems and identify the general structures representative of mammals. Standard formalin sheep hearts, kidneys, and pluck are shipped in Carosafe®, Carolina's proprietary shipping and holding fluid. Carosafe® is an odorless fluid designed to minimize the unpleasant odor of formaldehyde.

Specimen packed in a pail. Prices listed are for 1 specimen.

Color Injection:
Plain: No color injection.

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Item# 228770
Color Injection Plain
Package Type Pail
Type of Preservative Formalin

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