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Carolina's Perfect Solution® Squid, 12"+, Plain, Pail

Item # 224904 Exclusive This product is exclusive to Carolina Biological Supply.
Loligo pealeii or Illex illecebrosus. Squid preserved in safe, nontoxic Carolina's Perfect Solution® and shipped immersed in preservation fluid in a sealed pail. Specimen is 12"+ and has no color injection (plain). Prices listed are for 1 specimen.
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Loligo pealeii or Illex illecebrosus. Use preserved squid to explore the fascinating anatomical characteristics of cephalopods. Student engagement will soar as they examine the squid's external anatomy, which features arms and tentacles with small sucker cups, complex eyes, color-changing chromatophores, and more. Internally, more interesting structures can be observed such as a beak, 3 hearts, and a modified shell called a gladius or "pen." As students dissect and explore the anatomy of this complex, intelligent invertebrate, have them relate structure to function and note structural adaptations. Preserved squid are appropriate for elementary school general science classes up into college-level comparative anatomy courses.

Size, 12"+. Plain: No color injection. Preserved in safe, nontoxic Carolina's Perfect Solution® and shipped immersed in holding solution in a sealed pail. Prices listed are for 1 specimen.

  • This item is only available from Carolina Biological Supply Company.

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Item# 224904
Color Injection Plain
Package Type Pail
Length 12”+
Type of Preservative Carolina’s Perfect Solution®

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Carolina's Perfect Solution Specimens

Carolina's Perfect Solution®—Safe. Convenient. Superior.

Our commitment to producing the finest preserved specimens on the market has led us to Carolina's Perfect Solution®, a unique, revolutionary fixative that is dramatically improving the quality of classroom dissection.

  • No formalin odor
  • No dangerous off-gassing
  • No dark and unnatural appearance

Instead, organisms preserved with Carolina's Perfect Solution® retain more lifelike color and texture. Because students study more natural-looking specimens, it is easier for them to identify the structures and, as a result, learn anatomy.

Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens are safe and nontoxic, which means you need no special ventilation and there's no costly disposal.