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How can a balloon remain inflated even with an open end? The Harbottle demonstrates the principle of reduced air pressure and the influence it can have on a balloon. The device gives students hands-on experience in air pressure and can stimulate inquiry for practical aspects of this phenomenon. Includes Harbottle, rubber stopper, balloon, and instructions.



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A Harbottle is a flat-bottomed glass sphere with 2 openings. The hole on top is open while the hole on the bottom is stoppered. So how can a balloon remain inflated in a Harbottle without the balloon end being tied? With this demo, challenge your students' prior knowledge or use as an engaging topic review on air pressure. Includes a 1,000-mL glass Harbottle, rubber stopper, balloon, and instructions.

Note: To minimize the spread of germs, be sure that only 1 person inflates the balloon. Also be aware that the balloon is made of latex rubber. Persons with allergies or sensitivities to latex may not be able to work with the balloon.

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Harbottle, 1,000 mL 1 Included
Rubber Stopper 1 Included
Balloon 1 Included
Instructions 1 Included

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