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Pop Goes the Geyser!

$3.85 - $37.70 Quantity Discount Available

In this Science Buddies science project, you'll model a geyser and determine the effect that depth has on timing of geyser eruption. You can customize this kit to include the goggles, support stand, Erlenmeyer flask, and other supplies needed to complete this experiment.


Our home, Earth, is a living planet. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are proof that the geological forces that shaped our planet and created the land masses are ongoing. An amazing example of geologic activity that is less damaging is a geyser. In this geology science fair project, you will build a model geyser and determine how depth of the source affects how the water is ejected. By the end of this project, you will know a lot more about geysers and understand that a geyser is much more than just a water-spouting hole in the ground!

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