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Rhizobium Inoculum with Clover Seeds Set

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Beginning—Easy to perform; requires no experience in microbiology.

For 30 students. Members of the bacterial genus Rhizobium exist in a symbiotic relationship with leguminous plants (peas, clover, and soybeans). The Rhizobium species grow in nodules on the roots of the plants and fix atmospheric nitrogen. This supplies the plant with nitrates and the bacteria with energy and a favorable environment. When legumes are plowed under, significant amounts of nitrates are added to the soil.

Students plant clover seeds that have been inoculated with the Rhizobium bacteria. After 5 to 6 weeks, the nodules on the roots can be observed. The exercise requires 5 to 6 weeks from set up to completion. Teacher must supply potting soil and pots. With instructions.


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