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The Orbiter®, Battery Operated


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How many days does it take the earth to revolve around the sun? Easily find the answer to that question and others with this model representing the sun, moon, and earth. Now you can have complete mobility in your classroom! The Battery-Operated Orbiter®, structurally identical to the original Orbiter® (item #612261), effectively demonstrates daylight, sunlight, night, seasons, and phases of the moon anywhere in your room. The sun, earth, and moon manually revolve around each other on this sturdy, gear-driven model. Arm is 15" L; sun is 6" diam; earth is 4" diam; and moon is 1" diam. Includes a lesson plan, study guide, and 4 AA batteries.

Note: The arm, the earth, and the moon of the Orbiter® rotate manually around the sun. The tilt of the earth is kept in a static position as it is rotated. The earth and moon are shown in true scale: 1 in = 2,000 miles. If the sun were to be shown at the same scale, it would be approximately 36 ft in diameter!


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