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Carolina Investigations® for Use with AP® Chemistry: Spectrophotometric Analysis of Color Kit

(in stock)


Addresses AP® Chemistry Big Idea 2, Structure and Properties. Introduce students to the mechanics of molecular spectroscopy and how electromagnetic radiation interacts with molecular compounds. Determine the concentration of food dyes in powdered drink mixes using the Beer-Lambert law. Prepare standard solutions of 2 food dyes, plot calibration curves of absorbance as a function of concentration for each dye, then determine the concentration of each dye in its unknown solution. Procedure does not use toxic thiocyanate salts. For 30 students working in pairs.

Note: This lab is written to use 100 test tubes. In Investigation 2, students make 10 serial dilutions. If 100 test tubes are not available, students can make one dilution at a time, follow the lab procedure, then rinse out and reuse their available test tubes.

This kit addresses the following AP® Chemistry Concepts:

  • Big Idea 2: Structure and Properties (SAP)
  • Unit 3: Intermolecular Forces and Properties
  • Topics
    3.11 Spectroscopy and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
    3.12 Photoelectric Effect
    3.13 Beer-Lambert Law
  • Enduring Understandings
  • Learning Objectives
  • Essential Knowledge
  • Science Practices
    2.E, 4.A, 5.F

Digital Resources
Includes 1-year access to digital resources that support 3-dimensional instruction for NGSS. Digital resources may include a teacher manual and student guide, pre-lab activities and setup videos, phenomenon videos, simulations, and post-lab analysis and assessments.

Teacher's manual includes both a guided inquiry and an open inquiry version of this lab. A digital teacher's manual, included FREE with kit purchase, is a 12-month eBook license to the Spectrophotometric Analysis of Color teacher's manual. You can also access the digital student guide for this kit for free at Carolina Science Online®.

AP® is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board®, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these products.


What’s Included:
Needed But Not Included:
  • 1–10 Spectrophotometer(s), 380–700 nm
  •  Cuvettes (for spectrophotometer; 2 per instrument)
  • 1 Volumetric Flask with Stopper or Cap, 1,000 mL
  • 40 Pipets, Disposable
  • 20 Beakers, 100 mL
  • 10 Beakers, 250 mL
  • 10 Graduated Cylinders, 10 mL
  • 100 Test Tubes, 16 x 100 mm
  • 10 Test Tube Racks
  •  Distilled Water
  •  Lab Cleaning Tissues
  •  Labeling Tape
  •  Labeling Markers
  •  Access to Graphing Software
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