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STC Literacy Series™: Animal Studies

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Grades 3–5. Our world is full of animals. They live in just about every environment imaginable—from dry land to the deep ocean, from the tops of trees to the soil under our feet. Animal Studies, part of the STC Literacy Series™, engages young learners with stories about different creatures found in these habitats. Students will learn how animals relate to their environments, why different animals behave in different ways, and how scientists study animals.

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Help students understand the diversity of animal life.

Grades 3–5. Animal Studies includes stories about different creatures, from amphibians and sea creatures to birds and mammals. The first few stories focus on examples of animal behaviors and how those behaviors help animals survive and thrive. One story helps students learn to recognize different animals by the trails they leave behind. The book also includes the story of a keeper at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, DC, as well as stories about pioneering animal scientists, from Charles Darwin to Jane Goodall.

Developed to enhance the teaching of the Science and Technology Concepts™ (STC™) unit, the STC Literacy Series™ Animal Studies reader supports inquiry-based science lessons with engaging informational text. The content gives students a natural transition from hands-on investigations, builds background knowledge to reinforce conceptual learning, and lets students apply relevant nonfiction to their own real-world experiences. Questions provided throughout the book encourage critical thinking and allow children to be actively involved in their learning.

Educational studies show that children are more likely to engage in a reading exercise when the literature is related to a recent hands-on activity. This is exactly how the STC Program™ works. Included in every STC-Elementary™ kit, the STC Literacy Series™ helps improve reading comprehension, and supports the following Common Core Standards:

  • RI.1-3
  • RI.4-6
  • RI.7-9

Animal Studies paper version (item #972496) comes as a pack of 8 readers. Animal Studies electronic version (item #972496E32) allows 32 students per year to have access to the text for 60 months.




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