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STC Literacy Series™: Microworlds

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Grades 3–5. Our eyes can't see the tiny organisms, or microorganisms, that live just about everywhere—in the soil, in ponds and lakes, and even in our own bodies. We know about these microorganisms because of a tool invented in the 1500s—the microscope. Microworlds, part of the STC Literacy Series™, is all about the tool that opened up this invisible world to humans and the important discoveries that have emerged as a result.

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Use the microscope to introduce children to the tiniest creatures in our world.

Grades 3–5. In Microworlds, students learn that microscopes are used to extend our sense of sight to view objects in greater detail, and get instructions on how to build their own microscopes. There are enlarged pictures of microscopic creatures—from bacteria to worms—and a story on the role of microorganisms in making flamingos pink. Students learn that microorganisms—harmful and helpful—are important to our world.

Developed to enhance the teaching of the Science and Technology Concepts™ (STC™) unit, the STC Literacy Series™ Microworlds reader supports inquiry-based science lessons with engaging informational text. The content gives students a natural transition from hands-on investigations, builds background knowledge to reinforce conceptual learning, and lets students apply relevant nonfiction to their own real-world experiences. Questions provided throughout the book encourage critical thinking and allow children to be actively involved in their learning.

Educational studies show that children are more likely to engage in a reading exercise when the literature is related to a recent hands-on activity. This is exactly how the STC Program™ works. Included in every STC-Elementary™ kit, the STC Literacy Series™ helps improve reading comprehension, and supports the following Common Core Standards:

  • RI.1-3
  • RI.4-6
  • RI.7-9

Microworlds paper version (item #972796) comes as a pack of 8 readers. Microworlds electronic version (item #972796E32) allows 32 students per year to have access to the text for 60 months.




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