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STC Literacy Series™: Soils

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Grades K–2. Did you know that it takes hundreds of years to create 1” of soil? Or that big trees can have as many as 5 million root tips? Soils, part of the STC Literacy Series™, uses engaging facts and concepts like these to help children learn about the essential properties of soil. It explains where to find soil, why we need it, and what methods we use to learn about it.


Help students discover the importance of soil.

Grades K–2. In Soils, children investigate the basic components of soil—sand, clay, and humus—and explore the relationship between soil and plant growth. The text helps young learners compare soil differences by investigating properties like appearance, texture, and where to find each type of soil. Students also learn the many uses of soil in building materials, art, and play, and why plants need soil, water, and organic material to grow. In the tradition of scientists, the book also covers methods of studying soil, including soil settling, soil profiles, and soil consistency.

Developed to enhance the teaching of the Science and Technology Concepts™ (STC™) unit, the STC Literacy Series™ Soils reader supports inquiry-based science lessons with engaging informational text. The content gives students a natural transition from hands-on investigations, builds background knowledge to reinforce conceptual learning, and lets students apply relevant nonfiction to their own real-world experiences. Questions provided throughout the book encourage critical thinking and allow children to be actively involved in their learning.

Educational studies show that children are more likely to engage in a reading exercise when the literature is related to a recent hands-on activity. This is exactly how the STC Program™ works. Included in every STC-Elementary™ kit, the STC Literacy Series™ helps improve reading comprehension, and supports the following Common Core Standards:

  • RI.1-3
  • RI.4-6
  • RI.7-9

Soils paper version (item #971696) comes as a pack of 8 readers. Soils electronic version (item #971696E32) allows 32 students per year to have access to the text for 60 months.




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