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STC Literacy Series™ Sound eBook

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Grades 3-5. Designed to enhance the teaching of the Science and Technology Concepts Program™ in the classroom, the STC Literacy Series™ eBook allows teachers and students 24/7 access to their STC™ resources. The STC Literacy Series™ Sound eBook introduces students to a form of energy—sound waves—that can make sweet music or shatter glass. They will read about the sound heard (almost) around the world and learn to use sound to find out how far away a thunderstorm is. Other stories describe man's determination to fly faster than the speed of sound. They will read about how animals and people use sound to communicate, and how people use technology to improve their hearing. Finally, they will visit curators at the Smithsonian Institution who preserve important sounds—speeches and music—for posterity. Access for 32 students per year for 60 months.


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