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STC Literacy Series™: Floating and Sinking

$133.95 - $349.99

Grades 3–5. How can a ship weighing thousands of tons float in the open sea? Why is it easier for a person to float in salt water than in fresh water? Why do certain objects sink as soon as you put them in a glass full of water? Floating and Sinking, from the STC Literacy Series™, gets students asking questions about the principles of these happenings. Using compelling stories about inventions like ships, submarines, and balloons, children can master this essential concept in physical science.


Introduce students to the science behind floating and sinking.

Grades 3–5. In this book, students learn how and why certain objects float or sink in air and water. Discover how scientists and engineers have used this science to design and build boats and other vessels. The text also covers the nature of floating and sinking, including ways children can determine their capacity to float or sink in water, and gives a history of floating and sinking, including a story about the only president awarded a US patent.

Developed to enhance the teaching of the Science and Technology Concepts™ (STC™) unit, the STC Literacy Series™ Floating and Sinking reader supports inquiry-based science lessons with engaging informational text. The content gives students a natural transition from hands-on investigations, builds background knowledge to reinforce conceptual learning, and lets students apply relevant nonfiction to their own real-world experiences. Questions provided throughout the book encourage critical thinking and allow children to be actively involved in their learning.

Educational studies show that children are more likely to engage in a reading exercise when the literature is related to a recent hands-on activity. This is exactly how the STC Program™ works. Included in every STC-Elementary™ kit, the STC Literacy Series™ helps improve reading comprehension, and supports the following Common Core Standards:

  • RI.1-3
  • RI.4-6
  • RI.7-9

Floating and Sinking paper version (item #972596) comes as a pack of 8 readers. Floating and Sinking electronic version (item #972596E32) allows 32 students per year to have access to the text for 60 months.




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