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BIO-Wheel® Aquarium Kit, 10 gal

(backordered: in stock 7/26/22)


This exciting glass 10-gal aquarium kit features the patented BIO-Wheel® filtration system with the Rite-Size™ filter cartridge. Together they provide the aquarium with superior 3-stage biological filtration, eliminating toxic ammonia and nitrite on contact. The BIO-Wheel® system never clogs, never needs replacing, and requires virtually no maintenance. The ready-to-use Rite-Size™ cartridge mechanically screens out dirt and debris as it chemically removes dissolved waste. The kit is easy to assemble and operate, and its silent performance and superior filtration make it ideal for classroom use.


What’s Included:
  • 1 Glass Aquarium, 10 gal
  • 1 Penguin® BIO-Wheel® Mini Power Filter
  • 2 Incandescent Bulbs, 25 W
  • 1 Tilt-Up Safety Hood
  • 1 Water Conditioner
  • 1 Premium Formula Tropical Flake Food
  • 1 Aquarium Care Instructions
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