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Your Chemistry Pacing Guide for 3-Dimensional Teaching

Successfully address phenomena throughout the school year with this week-by-week lab activity guide. Pick and choose from a growing selection of kits to perform the lab activities and put your 3-dimensional teaching plan into action.

 DCI 1: Structure and Properties of Matter
Week PE Lab Activity
1   Administrative, Safety, and Lab Skills
2   Review Algebra, atomic structure,(MS-PS1-1), and chemical nomanclature
3 HS-PS1-1 Periodic Table Inquiry
4 HS-PS1-2 Metal Activity Series
5 HS-PS1-1 Like Salt to a Flame
6 HS-PS1-2
Chemical Bonding
7 HS-PS2-4 Energy Transformations with Irradiated Salt
8 HS-PS2-6 Molecular Structure
9 HS-PS1-3 Lost Volume
10 HS-PS2-6 Super Water-Absorbent Polymers
11 HS-PS1-3
Modeling Phase Change
12   Review, Evaluation, and Remediation

 DCI 2: Chemical and Nuclear Reactions
Week PE Lab Activity
13 HS-PS1-7 Balancing Chemical Equations
14 HS-PS1-7
Mystery Chemical Reactions
15 HS-PS1-2 Crystal Garden
16 HS-PS1-2 Petri Dish Electrolysis
17 HS-PS1-7 Balloon Stoichiometry
18 HS-PS1-7 Introduction to Stoichiometry
19 HS-PS1-6
Carolina STEM Challenge®: Chemical Reaction Rockets
20 HS-PS1-4
Iodine Clock Reaction
21 HS-PS1-5 Carolina ChemKits®: Reaction Rate of an Antacid
22 HS-PS1-5 Blue Bottle
23 HS-PS1-6 Under Pressure
24 HS-PS1-5
Chemical Equilibrium and Le Châtelier’s Principle
25 HS-PS1-1 Observing Ionizing Radiation Using a Cloud Chamber
26 HS-PS1-8 Radioactive Decay and Half-Life Simulations
27   Review/Evaluation/Remediation

 DCI 3: Energy in Chemical Processes
Week PE Lab Activity
28 HS-PS3-2
Gas Laws
29 HS-PS3-2 Gas Laws
30 HS-PS1-4 Endothermic Reaction: Beaker Freezer
31 HS-PS3-4 Carolina STEM Challenge®: Keep It Hot
32 HS-PS3-1 Heat of Combustion in Biofuels
33 HS-PS3-1
It’s Not the Heat, It’s Thermochemistry
34 HS-PS3-4
Investigating the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics
35   Review/Evaluation/Remediation
36   Review and Final Exams

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