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AP® Chemistry: Graphing Titration Curves

Graph the following titration data and determine if the acid is monoprotic, diprotic, or triprotic.  Justify your answer with information from the graph.

Try this Carolina kit:

Carolina Investigations® for AP® Chemistry: Vitamin C in Fruit Juices by Redox Titration (item #840584)

Using a redox reaction, students collect data and then generate a standard curve. Using either a graphical or calculator technique, they generate the line of best fit for the standard curve. Students then use proportional reasoning and their knowledge of stoichiometry to generate and interpret curves for commercially produced juice and determine the quantity necessary to meet the minimum daily requirement of vitamin C for an adult.



Monoprotic—only 1 inflection


Diprotic—2 inflections


Triprotic—3 inflections


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