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Watch Imaginations Take Flight with Butterflies in the Classroom

Painted lady butterflies are appropriate for all grade levels but are especially effective for grades K–8. They enable students to observe metamorphosis, from caterpillar to chrysalis to adult butterfly. Students can then compare the butterfly life cycle to those of other animals or investigate how temperature affects insect development time. General life science topics can be addressed as well, including how form fits function and what organisms need to survive.

No experience required

Even if you have little or no experience teaching with live animals you will find these insects easy to use in the classroom and rewarding for students of all ages. Our painted lady butterfly larvae provide the perfect introduction to the world of butterflies. Larvae are shipped inside a clear, self-contained culture vessel, allowing students to observe and measure caterpillar development.

Our Butterflies in the Classroom Kits give students the hands-on opportunity to set up a larva in its own culture vessel. There is no food to mix; caterpillars simply eat the medium supplied in the culture vessel until they form chrysalises. Students then hang the chrysalises in our new and improved Carolina™ Butterfly Sanctuary and watch for the butterflies to emerge.

Some ideas for teaching with Butterflies in the Classroom Kits

  • Have students keep a journal to record observations about their larvae/butterfly.
  • What does a butterfly share its habitat with? What type of interaction takes place? Have students draw a food web that includes the butterfly.
  • How are butterflies helpful to people and plants? Use this as a starting point to talk about flower anatomy and the benefits of butterflies (and bees) as pollinators.
  • Have students create a list of what a butterfly needs for survival through each stage of its life cycle. How do these needs differ in the classroom and in the wild? How are they similar?
  • Have your students create their own butterfly life cycle diagram and label each stage using appropriate terminology (egg, larva, chrysalis, adult).
  • Have students research a butterfly of their choice. Be sure they include habitat needs, range of distribution, life cycle, and images.
  • Have students design their own experiments to test butterfly behavior, e.g., the effects of light versus dark, nectar preferences, plant preferences, and the effects of temperature and light.

Butterflies in the Classroom Kits—complete, affordable, guaranteed

Our Butterflies in the Classroom Kits come complete with everything you and your students need to raise painted lady butterflies from larvae to adults in less than 30 days. Using our high-quality, exclusive Carolina™ Butterfly Culture, you will get large, colorful, active butterflies.

Order your kit with the caterpillars and food, or if you prefer, order it and receive a prepaid coupon to request the caterpillars at your convenience. This affordable, one-of-a-kind learning experience is hands-on fun for your students. Its simple design leaves you with no worries, no messes, and best of all, money remaining in your budget.

Before and after your order, we offer the best professional support available. Our highly trained experts are here to answer all of your questions and provide any assistance you may need—plus all of our butterfly teaching materials are unconditionally guaranteed. As easy as Butterflies in the Classroom Kits are to use; they are even easier to order.