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Carolina STEM Challenge® Competition

Felicia Cherry
Product Manager, Physical & Earth Sciences, Physics

This past spring, the North Carolina Science Festival (a multi-day celebration showcasing science and technology across North Carolina and an initiative of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Morehead Planetarium and Science Center) partnered with Carolina Biological Supply Company to hold the first Carolina STEM Challenge® Competition. The event invited North Carolina middle and high school teachers and their students to compete in one of three distinct design challenges using a Carolina STEM Challenge® kit from Carolina Biological Supply Company. After receiving the free kit from Carolina, teachers conducted a classroom competition in which student teams designed and built a catapult, a roller coaster, or a balloon-powered race car. The winning team from each class participated in the statewide competition by creating a short video (uploaded to YouTube), demonstrating the device they designed and constructed, explaining their design process, and showing the device in action.

More than 100 teachers participated in the competition, representing half the counties in North Carolina and 67 different cities, with a mix of middle, high, rural, urban, public, charter, parochial, and alternative schools. The winning teams were announced May 3:

Check out the following links for additional information about the competition and sponsors:

To view more 2013 Carolina STEM Challenge® Competition videos, search YouTube for "Carolina STEM Challenge."