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NeuLog™ Resources

NeuLog™ Manuals

Download the NeuLog™ documenation file below to view the manuals for every NeuLog™ product.


NeuLog™ Software

NeuLog™ data acquisition and analysis software for Windows PCs. Used to operate and control NeuLog™ logger sensors.


NeuLog™ Application for Windows and Macs

NeuLog™ data acquisition and analysis web application for Windows PCs and Macs. This application is browser based. After downloading, an icon will appear on your desktop. Click on the icon and the application will run on your default browser.


NeuLog™ WiFi Firmware Upgrade for Windows

The upgrade software works on Windows.


NeuLog WiFi-201 Website Access

Perform measurements with NeuLog™ sensors through any device which uses WiFi technology, such as tablets, smartphones and computers. Requires a WiFi communication module WiFi-201.


NeuLog™ Sensor Videos

The next generation of scientific data collection sensors is now available—easier to use, more versatile, and with a lower cost than any other data collection system. For both beginners and advanced users, the NeuLog™ data logger sensors offer a simple and flexible solution to collect and analyze the most complex data from your science laboratory experiments or field activities.

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