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Wolfe® Microscopes with LED Illumination

LED technology has provided microscope shoppers with what is for many the ideal choice in microscope illumination systems. In the past, most microscopes used tungsten, fluorescent, or halogen illumination. Each technology offered some advantage, be it lower price, less heat, longer life, or increased brightness. LED illumination has all those advantages and offers another—it’s more energy efficient than any of the older technologies. Wolfe® LED illumination systems feature:

  • Rechargeable batteries—includes 100- to 240-V AC adapter/charger with automatic shut off
  • Long battery life—up to 500 charge cycles
  • Cool illumination—perfect for viewing living specimens
  • Extra-long bulb life—50,000 to 100,000 hours

Wolfe® offers a full line of cordless microscopes with energy-efficient LED illumination that can operate on their rechargeable batteries continuously for up to 50 hours with only an 8-hour charge. You can use these microscopes anywhere in the classroom without being restricted to locations with electrical outlets. You can also use them when they’re plugged in and recharging, so there’s never any downtime.

Carolina offers Wolfe's full line of cordless microscopes with LED illumination and rechargeable battery systems. These microscopes range from a basic elementary compound microscope to an advanced, binocular head compound microscope—and even include 2 stereomicroscopes. Put one of them to work in your classroom, on your next field trip, or wherever your imagination takes you.

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