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Wisconsin Fast Plants® Genetics of Hairy Plants Classroom Kit Refill

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Refill for our Wisconsin Fast Plants Genetics of Hairy Plants Kit (#158785). The Wisconsin Fast Plants Genetics of Hairy Plants Kit is for a class of 24 students working in groups of 3. Study the genetics of an easily scored quantitative trait. By simultaneously growing parental, F1, and F2 generations, students can study and measure quantitative variation, gene action, heritability, correlated traits, and more. Includes 50 seeds each of each parent (hairy and hairless), 100 F1 seeds, 250 F2 seeds and all planting materials.
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Product Families Featuring This Item:

Components Qty Included?
Wisconsin Fast Plants® Seeds, P1, Purple Stem, Hairy 50 Included
Wisconsin Fast Plants® Seeds, P2, Non-Purple Stem, Hariless 50 Included
Wisconsin Fast Plants® Seeds, F1, Hairy x Hairless 100 Included
Wisconsin Fast Plants® Seeds, F2, F1 x F1 150 Included
Watering Mats 4 Included
Quad Wicks 140 Included
Anti-algal Squares 4 Included
Watering Pipets 16 Included
Plant Labels 64 Included
Potting Soil, 1 L 2 Included
Dried Bees, 3 g 2 Included
Slow Release Fertilizer Pellets, 1 oz 2 Included
Plant Support Stakes 32 Included
Plant Support Stake Rings 32 Included

Wisconsin Fast Plants

Wisconsin Fast Plants®—Fast, Fun, and Easy!

  • Super-fast generation cycle of 35 to 40 days
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Complete materials kits

From one day to the next, students witness the rapid growth of these amazing plants, which can have a dramatic impact on the way your students learn. What's even better, there's a kit that's relevant to the topic you're teaching, whether it's plant biology, environmental science, genetics, or even mathematics.

As the exclusive supplier of Fast Plants® for the educational market, Carolina takes pride in delivering top-of-the-line materials to your class. All kits come with everything you need to complete the activities. Just add a light source and you're on your way to joining the thousands of teachers who routinely use these plants to enhance their curriculum.

Classroom Kits contain seeds and supplies for up to 32 students. Student Kits are great for classroom demonstrations, homeschoolers, and science fair projects.