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Wisconsin Fast Plants® F1 Non-Purple Stem, Yellow-Green Leaf Seed (F1 Anthocyaninless, Yellow-Green), Pack of 200

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Brassica rapa. A genetic time-saver! Don't have time to carry a cross from the parental generation? We've got you covered. F1 generation seed will express dominant traits (purple stems, dark green leaves, standard height) and can be used to produce F2 seed that will show the typical monohybrid (3:1) or dihybrid (9:3:3:1) phenotypic ratios. The result: more genetic concepts learned in less time.

Our F1 Non-Purple Stem, Yellow-Green Leaf stock is F1 seed from a cross of Non-Purple Stem x Yellow-Green Leaf. The F1 (anl/ANL, ygr/YGR) has dark green leaves and purple pigment. Main uses include dihybrid genetics studies and AP® Biology studies. Genetic designation: anl/ANL; ygr/YGR. Pack of 200.

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