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Wisconsin Fast Plants® F2 Non-Purple Stem, Yellow-Green Leaf Seed (F2 Anthocyaninless, Yellow-Green), Pack of 250

Product Highlights
  • Shows dihybrid segregation of yellow leaf and purple stem traits
  • Saves time by growing F2 generation at the same time as the parent and F1
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Brassica rapa. A genetic time-saver! Don't have time to carry a cross from the parental generation? We've got you covered with both F1 and F2 generations of Wisconsin Fast Plants® seed. F1 generation seed will express dominant traits (purple stems, dark green leaves, standard height) and can be used to produce F2 seed that will show the typical monohybrid (3:1) or dihybrid (9:3:3:1) phenotypic ratios. F2 seed will express the appropriate phenotypic ratios. The result: more genetic concepts learned in less time.

Our F2 Non-Purple Stem, Yellow-Green Leaf stock produces F2 plants that show dihybrid segregation of Purple Stem:Non-Purple Stem and Dark Green Leaf:Yellow-Green Leaf. Score phenotypes at 3 to 5 days. For best expression, it requires high light intensity (24 hr, 5 to 10 cm from light source). Main uses include dihybrid genetics studies.


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