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Restriction Enzyme Cleavage of DNA 8-Station Refill (DNA only)

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Students electrophorese pre-cut DNA fragments—a classic lab

  • Complete kit (just supply distilled or deionized water and equipment)
  • Load and go with aliquoted, ready-to-use DNA samples
  • Easy-to-use teacher's manual and student guide
  • Contains 2 bonus dry labs: "DNA Goes to the Races" and "DNA Scissors"
Designed to match traditional AP® Biology Lab 6. It's easy to teach students the basics of DNA gel electrophoresis and analysis with this classic lab. Using convenient pre-cut DNA fragments, students electrophorese, stain, and visualize uncut lambda DNA (control) and DNA predigested with EcoRI and HindIII (standard molecular weight marker). They then determine the sizes of the DNA fragments. The Restriction Enzyme Cleavage of DNA 8-Station Refill comes with DNA samples only.

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What’s Included:
  • 8 Lambda DNA, 20 μL
  • 8 Lambda DNA cut with EcoR1, 20 μL
  • 8 Lambda DNA cut with HindIII, 20 μL
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