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Free Interactive Digital Activities For Your Students

Carolina Kits Purchasers – Activate Your Digital Resources!

If you purchased a Carolina kit this past year, look back through your email for your activation code for a full suite of interactive digital resources. If you can’t locate your activation code, send an email to  customer_service@carolina.com to request access.

Free Interactive Digital Lessons from Carolina Kits 3D

Click on any of the links below and begin learning! Each activity includes assessments.

Biology Chemistry Physics


Evolution and Speciation


Inheritance 2 or more traits

Population Genetics 1

Population Genetics 2

Natural Selection


Evidence of Evolution

Chemical Bonding Prelab Activity

Digital Aufbau Mat

Atomic Structure

Chemical Reactions Tutorial

Combination (Synthesis) and Decomposition Reactions

Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions

Mystery Chemical Reactions Student Activity

Energy in Chemical Reactions

Oxidation and Reduction Reactions

Types of Chemical Reactions Tutorial

Covalent Bonding Review

Carbon and Polyatomic Molecules Review

Addition and Condensation Polymers Tutorial

Thermoplastics and Thermosets Postlab

Acids and Bases Tutorial

Chemistry Formula Practice

Collision Theory


Electromagnetic Spectrum Tutorial

Electromagnetic Waves Tutorial

Interactive Wave Simulation Experiment Extension

Oscillations and Mechanical Waves Tutorial

Standing Waves

Wave-on-a-String Simulation

Electromagnetic Induction Tutorial

Mechanical Waves Tutorial

Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Thermal Transfer

Enthalpy and Specific Heat

Specific Heat Extension

Temperature and Heat

Temperature Curves

Energy Prelab

Energy and Energy Transformations Tutorial

How to Share the Free Interactive Digital Lessons

Downloadable How-to Guide

    • Paste the science lesson links into online assignments, a classroom web page, or emails to your students.
    • Each lesson has a unique description and link.  Once the student clicks the link to access the science lesson, they can immediately start working through the interactive lesson.

    Using the science lesson links will not require a login by the student.

    Navigating through a Science Lesson Is Easy

    • Each lesson begins with a page, that includes lesson objectives, lesson prerequisite skills, and the lesson table of contents.
    • Students can navigate through the lesson using any of the following: 
      • the arrows at the top right of the lesson
      • clicking on the pages of the lesson table of contents
      • using the navigation bar at the bottom of the lesson 

    Capturing Student Performance

    • Each of these interactive engaging lessons includes animations, videos, and interactive exercises with assessments.
    • The assessments are automatically graded so that students can see their performance as they go through the lesson and they can check their work.
    • At the end of the lesson there is a lesson report page, that captures the student’s overall performance for that specific lesson. It includes the number of times a student checked their answers and the number of incorrect responses.
    • Remember students are not required to login using these lesson links therefore the student performance is not saved.
    • So, we highly recommend that if you want to track student progress, that you direct students to send you a ‘screenshot’ of the lesson report page once they have completed their lesson. 

    Click to See A Sample Middle School Lesson

    Click to See A Sample High School Lesson

    Carolina offers many materials and activities that can be used outside the classroom. All should be used with adult supervision. For safety, users should follow all instructions and should not attempt to substitute or reuse materials unless the instructions say to do so. Supervising adults must review the activities provided, ensure they are appropriate for the student’s maturity level, and ensure all safety recommendations are followed by students. Safety is paramount whether at school or home.

    *Next Generation Science Standards® is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of, and do not endorse, these products.