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USDA Permits for Living Organisms

USDA Permits
for Living Organisms

USDA Permits for Living Organisms

If you are purchasing an item that is restricted in your state, you must apply for a Department of Agriculture permit. Restrictions are noted on the product's detail page. You can download a blank form here.

At Carolina, we maintain a large, state-of-the-art living materials facility to enable our expert staff to produce or collect living organisms under environmentally friendly conditions. This protects natural populations and enables us to maintain strict quality control.

Our living materials facility is fully USDA compliant. Please select your state below to find the living material specimens permit that is available for download. We routinely update permits as they are renewed. Please check back often for the most current permit for your living material specimen.

Permit Downloads

Use the dropdown to locate the permit for your state. Download the permits you need for your records.