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Our forensics kits provide hands-on forensic studies with real-world application. You will give your students a quality forensic education that includes an emphasis on inquiry and analysis. We have forensic resources that are appropriate for classroom and professional use. Carolina is proud to partner with Sirchie, a global leader in crime scene investigation and forensic science solutions.


Forensic science is an interdisciplinary field of study that can be taught as a stand-alone course or integrated into a traditional biology, chemistry, physics, or earth science class. Hair analysis, forensic botany, blood typing, fingerprinting, DNA profiling, and forensic entomology kits are an excellent way to teach biological concepts through an engaging forensic lens. For exploring concepts in chemistry, fiber analysis, unknown substance testing, spot testing, drug screening, forensic chromatography, and document analysis highlight foundational forensic chemistry principles and our kits are a fantastic means for students to practice their skills. To make physics concepts concrete, crime scene documentation, ballistic trajectory analysis, glass refractory indexes, blood spatter velocities, and the force of tools and the impression they make bring to life the physics principles around us.

We offer genuine and authentic materials and lessons to provide your students the opportunity to work just as forensic scientists do. From crime-scene investigation and evidence collection kits to microscope kits to fingerprinting supplies, Carolina is sure to have what you need for your forensic investigations.