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Smithsonian Science for the Classroom

All New! Smithsonian’s innovative answer to NGSS for Grades 1–5

Smithsonian Science for the Classroom Hands-On modules:

  • Bring phenomena-based and problem-based learning to your classroom
  • Incorporate three-dimensional, hands-on learning into every investigation
  • Provide four modules at each grade level to meet all NGSS grade-level Performance Expectations
  • Provide everything you need to be successful—print, kits, digital

Smithsonian Science for the Classroom Curriculum Framework

Life Science Earth and Space Science Physical Science Engineering Design
Grade 1
How Do Animal Parents Keep Their Babies Safe? *** Is a Day Always the Same Length? *** How Can We See Things in the Dark? *** How Can We Send a Message Using Sound?
Grade 2
How Do Plants and Animals Need Each Other? *** What Can Maps Tell Us About Water on Earth? *** How Do Heating and Cooling Change Things? *** How Can We Stop Soil from Washing Away?
Grade 3
What Explains Similarities and Differences Between Organisms? How Do Weather and Climate Affect Our Lives? How Can We Predict Patterns of Motion? How Can We Protect Animals When Their Habitat Changes?
Grade 4
How Can Animals Use Their Senses to Communicate? * What Is Our Evidence That We Live on a Changing Earth? * How Does Motion Energy Change in a Collision? * How Can We Provide Energy to People’s Homes?
Grade 5
How Can We Predict Change in Ecosystems? ** How Can We Use the Sky to Navigate? ** How Can We Identify Materials Based on Their Properties? ** How Can We Provide Freshwater to Those in Need?

* Available Fall 2018

** Available Early 2019

*** Available Spring 2020


NGSS Instruction for Kindergarten from the Smithsonian, Rooted in Real-World Phenomena

Seeing and experiencing is believing, and learning! For kindergarteners, science phenomena IS the world around them. The Smithsonian's STC-Kindergarten utilizes children's natural curiosity and 3-dimensional learning to build cohesive, 15- to 20-minute lessons that meet the spirt and intent of NGSS.

STC-Kindergarten™ Learning Framework

  Life Science Earth Science Physical Science
NGSS for Kindergarten Exploring Plants and Animals
K-LS1-1, K-ESS2-2, K-ESS3-1
Exploring My Weather
K-ESS2-1, K-ESS3-2, K-ESS3-3, K-PS3-1, KPS3-2
Exploring Forces and

K-PS2-1, K-PS2-2
Exploring the World Set