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10 Tips for Implementing NGSS

Ten tips for implementing the NGSS header graphic

1. Know the basics.

Download Your Guide to Achieving Three-Dimensional Learning, a free e-book that can give you a better understanding of three-dimensional learning and how to implement it in your NGSS classroom.

2. Participate in professional development.

Can’t make it to a conference for in-person support? Check out our free webinars for essential strategies and ways to integrate phenomena and the three dimensions.

3. Shape your lessons around phenomena.

Phenomena are the engaging opportunities that are core to the NGSS. Use our video library of phenomena to spark curiosity and get sensemaking started.

4. Use tried-and-tested activities.

You can still use familiar labs. Carolina Essentials™ are free activities based on popular labs—and include NGSS performance expectations.

5. Embrace science and engineering.

Scientists ask questions to explain phenomena; engineers define problems and design solutions. See how you can blend science and engineering practices through classroom activities.

6. Simplify your planning.

Get a jump on planning your year with our week-by-week pacing guides for three-dimensional teaching.

7. Get support from NGSS master teachers.

Struggling to figure out how to relate labs to the dimensions? We spell it out. See how in Making Sense of High School 3-Dimensional Learning with Carolina.

8. Find the materials you need.

Save time gathering materials with Carolina Kits 3D™ investigations. Each kit comes everything you need for a safe, reliable, and comprehensive lab experience.

9. Take advantage of digital resources.

Interactive whiteboard activities, videos, and assessments are just some of the digital resources that can help you and your students succeed.

10. Encourage student communication and collaboration.

NGSS promotes inquiry and discourse. Students should be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively. These writing tips and techniques can help improve students’ communication abilities.

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