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Your Physics Pacing Guide for 3-Dimensional Teaching

high school students in physics experiment

Successfully address phenomena throughout the school year with this week-by-week lab activity guide.

 Forces and Motion
Week PE Lab Activity
1   Administrative, Safety, and Lab Skills
2-4 HS-PS2-1 Carolina® Introduction to Force and Motion
5 HS-PS2-3 Carolina STEM Challenge®: Egg Drop
6-7 HS-PS2-2 Carolina® Introduction to Momentum and Collisions
8   Review, Evaluation, and Remediation

 Types of Interactions
Week PE Lab Activity
9-10 HS-PS2-4 Carolina® Coulomb’s Law
11 HS-PS2-4 Carolina®Mapping Electric Fields
12-14 HS-PS2-5 Carolina® Introduction to Electromagnetism
15-16 HS-PS3-5 Carolina® Introduction to Magnetism
17 HS-PS2-5 Carolina STEM Challenge®: Motors
18 HS-PS2-6 Carolina ChemKits®: Molecular Structure
19   Review/Evaluation/Remediation

 Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation
Week PE Lab Activity
27-29 HS-PS4-1 Carolina® Introduction to Waves
30 HS-PS4-5 Carolina STEM Challenge®: Wave Machine
31-32 HS-PS4-3 Determining Planck’s Constant with LEDs: Investigating the Photoelectric Effect and Electronic Light Sensors Kit
33 HS-PS4-5 Carolina® AM Crystal Radio
34 HS-PS4-5 Carolina® Laser Music Demonstration
35   Review/Evaluation/Remediation
36   Review and Final Exams

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