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Improving Biotech Education through Gamified Laboratory Simulation

Powered by Unreal Engine® this interactive simulator explores a Biotechnology laboratory while familiarizing students with lab setting, equipment, procedure, and vocabulary. Students will perform transformations using 4 different kinds of plasmids.


This interactive simulator is based on Carolina's bacterial transformation kit protocols and follows those procedures step-by-step.

  • YOU pick the single colonies
  • YOU perform the heat shock
  • YOU perform the experiment
  • YOU see real results!



An Epic Games, Inc., article describes how the simulator builds lessons around individual choice supported by game-based logic, making difficult scientific concepts more accessible. Based in a realistic lab setting, the simulator gives high school and college students the freedom inherent to open, digital spaces—including the freedom to fail. But because it’s virtual, students can redo their experiments for a more thorough understanding, helping them feel more confident in hands-on lab work.



The lab simulation can stand on its own or serve as an introductory activity prior to performing hands-on labs. Shop the hands-on kits on which the simulator is designed to round out the perfect lab experience.